Saturday, September 19, 2009

On September 19 . . .

in 1978:
We ran some red lights in Los Angeles in the middle of the night.  While rushing to the hospital to have a new baby.  We later realized we didn't need to speed because the baby wasn't delivered for 22.5 more hours!  (It wasn't my idea to speed anyway.  I was busy trying to confine the water breakage to the towel so it wouldn't damage our car seats.  And I think Fred was just looking for an excuse to . . . be  b-a-d.)

in 2009:
We obeyed all the traffic laws in Orem in the middle of the day!  While driving to the nursery to buy some new trees.  We are now smart enough to know we don't need to speed.  And the trees won't be delivered for four more days anyway.  (It wasn't my idea to buy trees.  I was busy working on school assignments.  And I think Fred was just looking for an excuse to . . . plant trees.)

In 1978:
We suffered the beginning of a 10-day record heat wave in L.A. with a broken air conditioning system at Kaiser-Permanente Hospital.  After the birth, a very hungry new daddy bought himself something to eat at the hospital cafeteria.

In 2009:
We suffered a beginning-of-the-season defeat in Provo by Florida State at LaVell Edwards Stadium.  After the game, a very disappointed hubby bought us some groceries to eat.  At Harmons.  (I think he was just looking for an excuse to . . . buy ice cream.)

In 1978:
We stared at our new son and wondered what he would grow up to be.  Chewed a lot of ice chips.  Had never drunk a Diet Coke, or any other kind of cola. (Except once in junior high when I took one sip of Debbie Steele's cherry coke when we rode her horses to the Dairy Queen after school.  I felt like a true sinner.  For a lot of years.  I never told anybody.)  We noticed how incredibly beautiful our new baby was.

In 2009:
We remembered our grown son and wondered what he would be like today.  Bought large Diet Cokes and chewed all the ice chips.  Noticed how incredibly beautiful the mountains are.  (I think I was just looking for an excuse to . . . not prepare my Primary sharing time for tomorrow.)

We miss you, Alex, on your 31st birthday.  No 


Shawnie said...

This is a great post! I love it. It made me cry a little bit. Alex, if you can read this :), I love you and miss you too. And happy birthday! (I know you can't read this right now because you're probably too busy so this is mostly for your mom who is my sister whom I love a lot.)

The picture I have in my mind is of him and Brian and Tanner posing on the beach in wet suits at the family reunion in 1997. The BEST! Someday they will have to pose together again in that future life for you and Ceri and me to enjoy.

P.S. We want the football tickets! We're comin' early.

annie said...

lovely post mom.

i miss him too.


Princess Consuela and Banana Hammock said...

Great post Nicea. I went through my moms pictures and have a few pictures of Alex at Joshs birthday party. Glad we have the knowledge of eternal families. Love you!

Sherry Carpet said...

best post yet! i can't believe your memory. of course it's easy to remember much about alex since he was so memorable in every way, but all the minutia - i guess trauma has a way of sticking in our brains. i suppose i would remember broken air conditioning in LA too. in the hospital?! seriously now.

beautiful words and memories and good humor to boot.

Sherry Carpet said...

miss youse, owlex!

Nicea said...

Shawnie: Yay! We'll save the tickets. I'm glad we'll get to see you for a minute before you go to the game. And I want to find that picture of the boys and post it. Way fun!

Annie: I miss you, too. I'm glad you're not as far away as Alex is. But you're pretty far away. Oh, wait. Maybe you are farther away. You know what they say about spirits.

Princess: I remember that b-day party! Great times. Love you, too!

Shery: Thank you! I remember the heat wave because in the hospital I kept waking up with a drenched hospital gown and they'd bring me a new one. I remember thinking, "Wow! Does everybody sweat like this when they've just had a baby?" Then about the third time, they told me the air conditioning was broken and I saw the huge fans out in the hallway. Like I said, we're a little smarter now. :)

Jaime Escalante said...

That was so sweet, Nicea! Happy Birthday to Alex. I think about our loved ones in heaven and it makes me happy-sad. It's a strange emotion. One year in college I made a birthday cake for Devin, and it wasn't just an excuse to eat cake. :) Love you!

Manda said...

Happy Birthday Alex! I love you and miss you so so much. I am so grateful for eternal families. Love you Mom.

Nicea said...

Jaime-How sweet (in more ways than one) that you baked a cake for your oldest brother. I just realized, you'r not only the only girl (well, I realized that part a long time ago), but you're the middle child bookended by two boys on each side. Hmmm. I think I like that for you. :)

P.S. But you DID eat some of that cake, right?

Manda: Love you, too, sweetie.